There are two types of directories in which you can feature:

  • To add your listing in the main directory, edit your profile, go to profile settings and then base. Then select your expertise(s) and location(s). If your expertise and/or location is not listed specify them and they will be added manually by us within 48 hours.
  • To add your listing in a directory within a guide, you need to publish an article (see “Publish” in this user guide) and your profile will be automatically added to the guide´s directory
  • Ranking in the main directory: last logged in user appears first
  • Ranking in a guide´s directory: last user who has published in the guide appears first in the guide´s directory

The following options are available for you to customize your profile.

In profile settings, you can:

  • add/change your profile picture and background
  • add/change your contact details
  • add your social network details

In widget settings, you can:

  • add an about section with your biography
  • add your services
  • add a skills section
  • add a portfolio
  • add a project
  • add a video
  • add your instagram feed
  • feature a published article
  • add a slideshow
  • add a quote
  • add a link
  • add your flickr feed


You can feature your expertise by publishing articles in one of our guides or by suggesting the opening of a new guide.

To publish in an existing guide, click on Expert Platform in the menu, then click “add an article” (you will need to be logged in). You will be sent to a form where you will need to add your content, select the guide you want to contribute to and click submit.

If you do not find a guide fitting with your expertise, but think your contribution could of value for private clients and the private client industry, then you can make a suggestion by sending us an email:

You can edit your published contributions. Go to Expert Platform in the menu and click on “Manage my articles”. You will then be sent to a list of your published articles. To edit, click “edit” next to the article you want to edit.


To connect with other private client service providers you can send emails, private messages or meet them during events they organize and promote on the platform or during events organized by the Intelligent Owner.

You can send private messages to other private client advisors and service providers who are using the Intelligent Owner. Go to the expert´s profile you want to contact and click on message.

Coming soon.

Promote your events

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Any question? Send us an email: