The Intelligent Owner is a platform designed to support private clients and service providers to private clients. Globally.

For private clients



The Intelligent Owner sources expert insight to help private clients make informed decisions and to select service providers. We publish three types of guides:

  • global city living guides (for the local, the expat and the global nomad),
  • wealth management guides (for the family, the investor and the business owner) and
  • luxury guides (for the collector and the luxury asset owner).

All our guides are open, meaning that they are freely available and that new contributions can be added to each guide at any given time.

Each guide is made of contributions from vetted sources.

Each contributor is a professional with several years of experience in supporting private clients.

Contributors only contribute to guides in which they have a proven expertise.

Each guide is organized into three sections:


Features articles and tips.


Features a listing of expert profiles.


Features a listing of upcoming events.


The directory features private client advisors and service providers and is searchable by expertise and by location.

The information on service providers provided in Guides and in the Directory is made available for information purposes only.

The information in the individual expert biographies displayed in the Directory is provided by the service provider.

The Intelligent Owner gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the information and will not be liable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you as a consequence of your reliance on the information in the Guides and the Directory.

For service providers

The Intelligent Owner provides businesses servicing private clients with a platform and tools to share and promote their expertise.

The Expert Platform (FREE)  

The expert platform is a free online platform designed to support experts who want to:

  • Showcase their expertise and services
  • Publish their insight and thought leadership material
  • Connect with other experts and service providers to private clients
  • Promote their events

B.Worth is a network with an affinity marketing program designed to support its participants in:

  • Promoting their business and expertise
  • Developing a global network of partners in the private client industry


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Masterclass events


Masterclass events are events co-organized by a private client specialist and the Intelligent Owner.

Format: Talk & Networking

Masterclass guide


Masterclass guide is a bespoke printed publication designed to support experts in engaging with private clients, providing an ideal conversation starter and helping to drive new business.

The format is a beautiful pocket guide providing actionable recommendations to help private clients with their own challenges within the expert´s field of specialism.

The production consist of:

  • Audit of the expert´s thought leadership and definition of an angle for the guide
  • Production of the content
  • Production of the imagery/ illustrations
  • Printing
  • Geo-targeted distribution

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