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For an individual or family relocating to the UK, the UK’s “non-domicile” personal tax regime can be extremely beneficial. The “non-domicile” regime means that UK sources of income and capital gains (e.g. rental income from a UK property) are taxable, ... Read More

UK tax guide by Blick Rothenberg

You should seek tax advice before your arrival in London, because it may be possible to re-arrange your tax affairs to significant advantage. Making changes after your arrival is not impossible, but certain actions may become more onerous from a tax perspective ... Read More

UK tax guide by Payne Hicks Beach

In a word “complicated”. The UK has the longest and one of the most complex tax legislations in the world. You have been warned! As a default an individual is taxable on worldwide income and capital gains. If the individual ... Read More

UK tax guide by BKL

Residence and domicile are key concepts in determining exposure to UK tax. Residence for tax purposes has been determined by the UK’s Statutory Residence Test, which affords the opportunity for mitigating exposure to UK tax by judicious pre-arrival planning ... Read More

UK tax guide by Dixon Wilson

Families should seek tax advice before arriving in the UK, particularly to ensure that income and gains that arise before becoming UK resident are not taxable in the UK and should be ring-fenced ... Read More

UK tax guide by Smith and Williamson

Families coming to live, work and invest in the UK should take expert advice on their tax position before coming to London. UK domiciled individuals pay UK tax on their worldwide income and gains. The UK’s specific rules for foreign ... Read More

UK tax guide by BDO

Finally, the new non-domicile rules are now in force and it is confirmed that they take retroactive effect from 6 April 2017.  This follows the Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 receiving Royal Assent on 16 November 2017 ... Read More

Changes for non-UK domiciliaries


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