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The British education system is long-established with a strong sense of tradition, and yet is not afraid of progress. At the core of the educational offering from the UK’s most world-renowned schools is a well-balanced educational experience. High academic expectations and standards run parallel with outstanding facilities and abundant opportunities ... Read More

London school guide by Dukes Education

Entry to London schools has become increasingly competitive over the last twenty years and can be a gruelling process. It is therefore important that parents only consider schools which are academically appropriate for their children ... Read More

London school guide by Keystone Tutors

Set your end goal first – do you want your child to go to university in the UK or USA? Do you want them to get into a particular school? Is your child academically outstanding or musically/artistically/dramatically talented? (Or all of the above if they are very ambitious!) – and ... Read More

London school guide by UK Guardianship

Parents must always remember that there is no ‘best school’, only the ‘best school for their child’ and they should bear this in mind throughout the school search process. There are many factors to consider such as location, co-ed or single sex, boarding or day, as well as considering the ... Read More

London school guide by Gabbitas

British state schools educate 93% of the UK population. The remaining 7% are educated in the independent sector. Pupils start school at the age of five. Many of these schools attract international students from all over the world. Entry to the top schools is highly competitive and normally pupils must ... Read More

London school guide by Elizabeth Rickards

Decide whether you are looking to educate your children in the British system or International system. Bear in mind that the children in the British system start earlier than the International or American systems and therefore children moving from those systems might be slightly behind at the beginning. Do not ... Read More

London school guide by Educate Private

There are a number of criteria that are crucial – type of school you are looking for (single sex or co-educational), system (State or Independent), sort of school (international or more British), feel of school (pressured or more relaxed) and the age/s of your child/children ... Read More

London school guide by Carfax Education


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